Ayesha Soni

Ayesha spent years steadily climbing the corporate ranks until she was sidelined with a pain syndrome that demanded her attention.  It was her journey through pain and recovery, that ultimately led her to a regular meditation practice.  She subsequently pursued training through The Mindfulness Center to become a meditation teacher.  Ayesha has facilitated meditation through individual coaching, private retreats, workshops, and with children as well.  Ayesha wholeheartedly believes in the need for a new normal, where meditation, mindfulness, and most importantly, compassion, influence the ways in which we work, lead, and innovate.  Ayesha is a mother of three, and can be found meditating in a van in her driveway in the early hours of the morning.

Referred to as "the Heart" of Shyft, Ayesha brings intelligence, charisma, and wit to her meditation practice. Ayesha's gentle perspective and compassion allow her to create a space for anyone to experience how simple and powerful meditation can be.

Inspired by:  entrepreneurs and visionaries who push the limits of creativity and generosity. 

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