TRATO: Living In Unity With The Ocean

AS MY FATHER USED TO SAY, fighting against injustice is a victory in itself. These words made a lasting impression on me and became increasingly louder after his passing in 2009. Growing up in Southern California and cultivating a spiritual relationship with the Pacific Ocean, my desire to protect its beauty was constantly reinforced.

The more I educated myself about the dynamics of our seas, the more I felt uneducated. The gaping discrepancy between humans and their level of consciousness to the ocean is apparent now more than ever. We have yet to make the connection, thus subconsciously fail to live in harmony with it. We function from a limited programmed mindset that ultimately adds momentum to the already devastating truth of over-fishing, shark-finning, pollution, etc.

Because my father modeled that one person can truly make a difference in the wealth and health of nature, I committed to doing the same. Back in 2013 I started this venture with only an idea and a vision of purpose. Shortly after TRÄTO, an activist driven clothing line was born. TRÄTO, To Rescue Animals of The Ocean, was the actualization of my passion to encourage our surf community and those who, like myself, experience the spiritual connection with the sea and want to take a stance against its demise.

The response thus far has been overwhelming. Never did I know so many of us are already connected with like-minded passions and consciousness. Just recently TRÄTO became a foundation, an official 501c(3), allowing us to broaden our reach. The TRÄTO Foundation was created to not only inspire us to live in unity with the ocean but to influence our youth, as they are the greatest weapon against future environmental decline.

My intention is for our kids to make the connection by seeing the connection so they are inspired with a sense of hope that they can have a voice and they can in fact make a difference. With this foundation we will work to educate our kids on ways to live in such a way that runs in harmony with bringing back the vitality of sea life. Without the opportunity for our kids to be educated on this matter, their generation may not be able to bear witness to the oceans beauty like we have been gifted with. 100% of proceeds from our apparel go directly into the non-profit allowing us to spread this message of hope around the world. It affords those willing to do the work to lead the way for future generations.

TRATO was started by Tiffany Rose Vandersloot, an Orange County native who is passionate about advocating for the animals of the ocean, and related environmental causes.  She believes in educating children to be conscious and respectful citizens of nature.  

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