3 ways an introvert can survive the holidays

Three Ways For An Introvert to Survive The Holidays

Author: Monisha Vasa

Many of us associate introversion with being painfully shy.  But that isn't always the case.  Introverts can often be social and love time with other people.  Generally speaking however, introverts tend to draw most of their energy from being alone, in quiet, restorative settings.  When introverts do spend time with others or go to parties, they may need time afterwards to restore and recharge their batteries.

Most people are some combination of introversion and extroversion.  But if you are someone who loves quiet mornings under the covers, solo reading time at your favorite coffee shop, or long, reflective walks in nature, the holidays might just be your worst nightmare.  With the office party right around the corner, what is an introvert to do?  

Here are three survival strategies to get you through the white elephant gift exchange:

1.  It's okay to say "No:"

It is perfectly fine to turn down an invitation or two when you find your calendar getting too full for comfort.  Or leave early when the party is just getting started.  Saying no is about honoring and respecting your own needs and capacity for social activity, and more isn't always better for everyone.

2.  Schedule in down time:  

Just like you schedule in your spin class or that important lunch meeting, it can be helpful to pencil yourself in on your calendar.  Block out time to rest, nap, or just have free solo time to use as you see fit in the moment.  Scheduling in the rest time you need is a way of practicing self care in the midst of crazy non stop holiday activity.  

3.  Do it your way:  

Remember that the holidays are personal, and you can celebrate them in the ways that you love the most.  If crowded malls feel stressful, do your shopping online.  If big gatherings aren't your thing, arrange smaller, more intimate parties that allow you to connect with those you love.  If you love ringing in the New Years by watching the ball drop on television, go for it!  Do what feels best for you.  

We want the introverts among us to love the holidays just as much as the rest of the crowd.  Just keep your finger on your own pulse, and don't hesitate to celebrate in the ways that feel right to you. 

Your heart will thank you.  

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